About Me

Hi, and thanks for stopping by and visiting me and my new blog.  My name is Melissa Cusano and I live in Napa, California.  I love to cook, and I love a good recipe.  Many chefs claim that they don’t need recipes, but I do.  For one thing, I just can’t keep all that information in my little brain, and secondly, a recipe is a list of ingredients for me to share with those who enjoy cooking as much as I do.  In my eyes it is just a little love note that I can send to all the people that I care about!

My blog’s name is a reflection of what I have been doing for the last nine.  I started out as a personal chef, quit, and then decided I was better suited as a personal “party” chef, catering small events and taking care of all those little food details that can consume anyone planning a gathering or party.  That’s how Delicious Dishes was created.  I love what I do and I want to share with you all of the recipes that I have collected for the last 25 years, as well as my most favorite family recipes , the new recipes I find while strolling through life, and the delicious little recipes that my dear friends send my way.

There are a few things that I hope you will be patient with.  The first thing is my photography.  I need practice, lots of practice.  As I move along I am hoping to get better, but a few of my first snapshots are a little rough, possibly even painful to look at.  Second is the fact that I am not a trained chef, so if something is  done in an unconventional or weird way, or I use an ingredient you would never use, just know that it works.  If you are used to doing something “your way” or want to replace an ingredient that better suits your palate, please do so.  In my world of food there are no hard rules, it’s about the end result and it being delicious.  This blog is about amazing and flavorful recipes that anyone can master.  I hope you will find my collection of recipes full of flavors and ideas that you can adapt into your own life.  My most favorite thing about food is that you can share it with those you love and create magical memories from your kitchen.  Thanks for listening!

Please stop by often and feel free to leave me a recipe or two!  See you in the kitchen.